Wednesday, February 1, 2012

蕭亞軒 - 愛情的微光

我記得你 說的未來
比歌詞 浪漫


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Simple Plan - Jet Lag ft. Marie-Mai

Some rocks!

This & That.

Joy to the world,dragon year is come, Guess what? It's chinese new year time! Another more one weeks and it's officially chinese new year. And you me and all of my friends are can't wait to celebrate.

Last three days i was in KL celebrate my farewell with all of my uni friends. It sounds good yet i'm not really happy at all. I have seen all of my friends in the past three days even though my hi-bye friends. Yes i admit but i never seen my one of my bestie! I feel upset not because of we didn't meet each other. It's a lie between us and i have no idea to speak out to you and i bet you have already know!

Why did you tear my heart apart?

You have already lied to me for twice and i'm here being a good friend that i wanna to be. All those painful things you have put me through. Okay. Enough. Forget about it.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It's new .

Yes. Xd I'm kinda lazy to post out all of my daily life here. *help~ I don't wanna be so lazy anymore!!! Anybody help me please. As once i'm having this lazy-sickness and it can't be cure hence this will become continuous lazy... ...................... until re-open uni!

Firstly, i would want to wish everybody Merry Christmas at this moment, hm and i knew this is quite late so lat's its become happy belated Christmas to everybody!! Joy to the world,the lord is come.... guess what it's a another amazing 2011 Christmas time!!! And i always love Christmas time,a full of blessing feasts. And i'm Hat-yai the first time root in Thailand to having amaz-ing Christmas celebration.

Surprised for my families,wrapped all cutie-lovely Christmas gift present to them with a cheerful blessing present! :)

We had a wonderful moment at there as this is a 'small gang' families trip. The joyful yet noisiest trip ever!

After came back from trip,i straight away went to KL to have a medical check-up for my Visa application purpose. It was nervous cause i thought it need to have scary blood test. Well,i hate it and i never try it before since i am now 20 years old for no reason. End up it's just a simple general testing only. After one day processing!!! Tang Tang Tang! I get my Visa of Australia and everything goes smooth thanks god!

And another week comes,it's 2012. Time flies. . . .

And it's new . A new year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

林育群 - 人海中遇見你

It's youth!

  • 親愛的 我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你

    親愛的 我多麼盼望 就從這一刻起 和你分享所有感覺

    親愛的 我多麼幸運 人海中能夠遇見你

    親愛的 我多麼盼望 就從這一刻起 和你分享真心的感

    Happy 2012 new year in advance!